Community Information

Murieta Board of Directors

2020 - 2021

Anthony Garside


Pauline Russell

Vice President

Matthew Jue


Anurag Jindal


Vidit Mody

Director at Large

Online Articles, Writings, etc.

This is your chance to post articles to the Murieta website. Consider this to be a forum where you can share information with your fellow residents. Or if you have any pet peeves, gripes, complaints, suggestions, or ideas about how things can be run better, you can make them here. Come to think of it, anything you would like to write about, including stories, poetry, expository writing, essays, etc, can be posted. Just make sure that it's free of profanity, prejudice, bigotry, slander, or promotes hate or violence.

If you would like to post an article here, send it to:

Important Information



(Both the CC&Rs and Bylaws available for download here were recorded by the Alameda County Clerk on 4/11/07 after 78% member vote to approve them.)